Hoefer Group (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2016 to bring the world's lightest caravans to new world markets.  We are 100% family owned, managed by Charles Hoefer and his wife Andrea Kine. 

Charles has spent many years around the American RV industry, leading two RV manufacturers prior to Hoefer Group.  He also created the world's first carbon fibre caravan, and his father has created/led top American RV and motor home manufacturers.  

Andrea is from Eswatini; she and Charles began dreaming of this project in 2010.  Our new 2019 range took years to develop, and culminates more than a decade of family research and expertise in advanced composite caravan design.



Charles Hoefer

Charles Hoefer
CEO, Chief Product Architect

Charles has a storied life in and around the caravan industry.  His father turned the North American industry on its head several times over from the 1980's to the 2000's.  Charles' experience began in apprenticeship to his father, learning the caravan industry from his youth.

Charles is a creative entrepreneur.  He was a Presidential Scholar at Babson College, the USA's #1 entrepreneurship university. Charles has served as CEO of two caravan builders, and directed a waterpark, golf course, and pro sports event.  He created the world's first carbon fibre caravan.

Charles loves to tackle new challenges. South Africa's tough road laws can make legally towing a caravan a challenge. There is no better proving ground than SA to launch the world's lightest caravans that are super-tough and better by design.

Andrea Kine

Andrea Kine

Andrea was born and raised in Eswatini, and studied in top institutions in Europe and the USA.  Andrea graduated with honors from Wellesley College, one of America’s top liberal arts universities, and pursued Public Health in graduate school.

Andrea left Eswatini with a passion to return and invest in the nation's development.  Versed in the primary spoken languages of Eswatini - English, SiSwati, and Portuguese - Andrea has been instrumental to Hoefer Group's successful integration into the country.

Andrea is passionate to promote female empowerment and sustainability in health, economic development, and environmental stewardship.  She believes Hoefer Group has the potential to offer as much to her beloved country as it promises to those who love camping in the great outdoors.