The Hoefer Azzero Premium Arrives!

For the South African market, the wait is finally over. Hoefer Group is now bringing products across the border, starting with the ground-breaking Hoefer Azzero Premium available in All Terrain, AT-X and AT-XL trims. We’d have far too long a post talking about all the revolutionary features of the product; it simply is one of a kind. +/- 1300 kg tare, but with the capabilities of a 2.5-ton semi-all-terrain, 7.5m Aussie caravan. It can wade through over 0.5m water, has a body that is 10x stronger than a typical road caravan, features a wood-free, rot-proof, frameless, aerospace construction, and has shock-dissipating joints everywhere.

More products are coming. The Azzero Premium All Terrain is starting its homologation process and order reservations are being accepted. The factory is already gearing up production and prepping new models. We haven’t forgotten about the B license issue either. Our answer to the under 40 crowd stuck with 750kg towing limitations will be revealed in the not-too-distant future. After years in R&D and working through legislative red-tape, we are thrilled to begin active supply to South Africa. We hope you enjoy the caravans!