Phew. It's been a wild 2018.

First, we prepped to display in early 2018 a new SuperLite design (a structural test version of this model is on the home page) and ran into a major governmental roadblock. We sorted that issue by June 2018 then found out our caravans could not cross into South Africa.  We initially were assured that all regulatory systems were in place for cross-border movement.

Eswatini government has been working with us to bridge systemic challenges, and nearly one of the biggest surprises we've had yet was that the government's VIN (vehicle identification system) allocations were not internationally applied (despite having been legislated) and would have likely resulted in our caravans being impounded if they entered SA.

After working with Ministries of Commerce and Transportation, we managed to get a large scale VIN assignment for Hoefer Group from Society of Automotive Engineers last month. Eswatini is now internationally recognized with several new controls in place to help us get rolling across borders.

A little over a week ago we applied for authority to start bringing caravans into South Africa, so we hope anytime now to have all requisites complete for arrival and reveal of our designs locally for South Africans.

The delays now mean we've had over two full years to actively run R&D, and our advances in structural lightweighting keep improving. Our latest in-house creation underway is targeted at 7.57 meters with a 1,200 kg GVM. It will be one of SA's biggest caravans and far and away the lightest in the world at this size.