Launch Update

We constantly receive inquiry asking about our launch date, and we are well aware that the South African market is in short supply of newly manufactured caravans.  To all in the market, we feel your sense of urgency, and look forward to supplying you with the very best product for the money.  For some concrete dates, I thought it best to share the final path of R&D from Charles.

The factory has been for several months a whirl of activity, due in part to the reshaping of the exterior and interior design, which initially delayed launch.  Further, the company decision to offer our models in on-road and gravel road options with tougher structures required a great deal of ingenuity to increase structural durability while keeping the weights ultra-light.

To meet the stringent structural requirements, we are now manufacturing the entire body - including skins - in-house.  The good news is Charles just approved tests and 'green lighted' manufacturing of the new panels for production.  The first 'new' SuperLite manufacturing process started yesterday.  So we estimate that it will take about 5 weeks from now for the structure to be publicly revealed - 8 weeks to allow for any final design revisions.  

If we make any major changes, we might push back this time line again.  But we are in the 90% confidence range that we are on a final path to be satisfied with our designs.  Keep in mind that our product weights are 20-30% lighter than the world's lightest caravans, and 50% lighter than most US and South African caravans, without any sacrifice in strength.  It has taken a lot of testing to make sure that everything performs as expected.  

Feel free to drop us an email if you are interested in one of our upcoming caravans.