Happy Holidays

As the holiday season rolls around, we find it a good time to reflect on the year, enjoy our families, and give an update!  We finally realize the meaning of "this is Africa".  When we started setting up, we tripled timeframe versus USA.  We should have used a factor of 10.  

Good news for SA market is that more of our product and materials are being imported from overseas - i.e. better quality.  This will change the cost structure a bit, but with good benefits.  We made many changes since mid-year, and will stay 'mum' on final design until the reveal.  

Now we have bumped into the holidays, and are awaiting arrival of a few newly-designed parts.  So expect your Christmas present from Hoefer Group to come a little later.  Here is a brief run-down of confirmed features:

  • Lightest road caravans in SA, with gravel road options
  • Wood-free, rot-proof structure
  • Improved standard feature set versus local market

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We hope your holidays are blessed, and we look forward to hearing from you!