7.5M Azzero Premium Series

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The Azzero Premium series comprises the world’s lightest all-terrain caravans, with well-equipped tare weights starting at or under 1250kg (see blog for official weight certificate). How do we describe Azzero Premium? Luxurious road styling, tougher than a gravel roader, lifted for 50cm+ wading depth. Rigorously designed for years of towing on corrugated roads that lead to the most exotic destinations in Africa.



  • Tare Weight: +/- 1235kg

  • GVM: 1510kg

  • Length: 7.53m (7.57m with AKS Anti-Sway coupler)

  • Body Construction - Aircraft-derived, wood-free, composite monocoque

  • Chassis Construction - Structural Aircraft-Aluminium bonded and SS fastened

  • Wheels | Rims - 205/75r15 (opt. 215/80r15) 4x4, 15” 4x4 Mags (matching spare)

  • Axles | Brakes - 2-ton axle with 1.8-ton rubber, 230mm brakes

  • Coupler | Stabilizers - 2.7-ton coupler, 4x4 stabilizers and oversized nose wheel

  • Exterior Amenities

    • Full Outside Kitchen:

      • Euro pull-out sink/stove with glass top lids and brass tap

      • Outside microwave above sink

      • Multi-plug on sidewall and multi-plug above microwave

      • Spice rack above microwave

      • Pots and Pans storage hatch left of microwave

      • 100L 220v Fridge to outside with fold-out table

    • Full perimeter tent rails for SA-made tent (opt. full or partial tent)

    • Ground skirt rails

    • Modular clip-on table rail back half of sidewall

    • Two LED exterior porch lights white/yellow

  • Bathroom Amenities

    • Walk-Thru Full Master Bath

      • Large Shower with toiletry shelves and chrome tap

      • Spacious cassette toilet

      • Large linen closet

      • Bath vanity stainless sink with brass tap and full mirror

  • Living Room

    • Premium leather seating for 5 adults, sleeping for 2 adults or 3-4 kids

    • Lounge configurations = split bench, U-shape, single bed, double bed

    • 200L 220v Fridge in living room

    • Base and overhead cabinets by entry door

    • Overhead cabinet above lounge/fridge

    • Corner reading light and counter top with plug by door side lounge

  • Bedroom

    • Rear private master bedroom with island double bed

    • Premium memory gel mattress

    • 12v LED reading lights by pillows

    • Large walking isles

    • Hanging closet

    • Full-wall rear counter top and base cabinets

    • Aircon in bedroom standard

  • Additional Standard Utilities | Electrical

    • 120L water tank

    • Euro marine 12v water pump (pressure switch)

    • 220v geyser

    • Bed, bath, and living area 220v plugs

    • 12v dimmable interior lighting with touch switches

    • Solar charger standard

  • Windows | Skylights

    • Euro dual pane windows w/fly screens+reflective blackout shades

    • Euro roof hatches w/fly screen+blackout shades

    • Living Area

      • 1100x550 window (x1)

      • Opt. 350x500 (x1)

      • 400x400 roof hatch (x1)

    • Bathroom

      • 350x500 (x1)

      • 400x400 roof hatch (x1)

    • Bedroom

      • 1100x550 window (x2)

      • Opt. 1100x550 window (x1)

      • 400x400 roof hatch (x1)

  • Warranty

    • 1-Year Warranty Standard

    • Opt. 2-Year, 3-Year, and 5-Year Comprehensive Warranties

    • Opt. 8-year Structural Warranty including guarantee against leaks


  • Tare: +/- 1240kg

  • GVM: 1650kg

  • Modified Chassis, all other specs same as All Terrain


  • Tare: +/- 1260kg

  • GVM: 1800kg

  • Modified Chassis and Axles, Upgraded Tyres, all other specs same as All Terrain